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In the past year, we have been doing a whole lot of research on how will we optimise the site to be  the best possible for both freelancers and consumers. We also believe that one does not work without the other, so we have shifted our focus solely to bring out the best potential of this platform. We tethered quite closely the data that we have gathered and we came up with this solution. A solution to allow anyone to claim their business if they deem it to be theirs. 

We have decided to dedicate a whole blog on how and why is your profile already on tminta. We feel that we owe you a proper explanation and an equally informative guide on how to navigate around. So, without any further ado, we will dig right in. 

  • How and why is information collected?  
  • How do you delete your profile? 
  • How do you claim your business/profile on tminta? 
  • How do you customise and edit your data on tminta? 


How and why is information collected? 



  • We collect data from sites which you allowed any consent for it to be used freely. So, if you have got a profile on somebody else’s platform, it is up to anyone to use it at any given time. However, we have been extremely careful in doing so. We tried not to trespass too much as we think it is not an appropriate to play around with somebody else’s data; even though there has been consent. As a matter of fact, we tried our best not to use Facebook profiles or pages, even though we could. We could have easily come up with thousands of profiles from the get-go, but as already stated we really value your privacy. Thus, we try our best to leave it up to you as a freelancer to decide. 


  • There is a lot of information on the internet, it is quite easy to get lost. I myself got lost quite a few times. We have come up with this solution to make the life of Maltese people a little bit easier. It is our ambition to help you. Our ambition to promote talent, to fuel growth. We’re in this for the long run. We will do our best to sustain today’s society. Nothing humbles us more than helping another being. At tminta we share these values, these ambitions. We’re only here to help. 

 Click here to visit Privacy Policy page

 Click here to visit Terms of Service page

How to delete your profile? 


We give our users the leverage to delete their profile if their heart desires so. There are a couple of ways to do such a thing.  


  • Go on your account and find the upgrade account section in your account. You will find a ‘Delete your profile’ button. 

If you just want to remove your page and you have not claimed your business just yet: 

  • Create a normal Account 
  • Claim your business 
  • Delete your business 
  • You could contact us through our email. We will review this claim and even ask you for some documents to confirm it is really you. contact@tminta.com 


We would be really sad to see you go, as we believe there is huge potential in each and every one of us. Having said that, we respect each and every individual. If you desire to do so, we will definitely not oppose your decision. 


How to claim your business/profile on tminta? 


We are very pleased that you would like to claim your business and expand even more! It is a pretty quick and easy process really. We will talk you through it: 

  1. Sign up as a Customer 
  1. Go on your business/profile and press the button Claim business as illustrated here below. 
  1. You will receive an email pretty soon and you would just need to follow the link.  
  1. Just change the password and you will be good to go! 

Quite a quick and easy process. The power lies within your hands! Start your journey today and make your tomorrow a better place! We’re in this together, for the long haul. 


Customise and edit your data on Tminta 

Finally, the part that you worked all this way for! Start customising your profile today!  

TOP TIP: Click all the buttons! Get familiar with your account’s dashboard! Make it yours and optimize it as much as you can. 

Put in all the details, qualifications, photos, EVERYTHING! Personalise it and make it yours. The power is in your hands. 

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We have given all our efforts to create this beautiful piece of work, for you, the people, for everyone to use, create and enjoy. It is a huge honour to have you on board; searching and understanding. This is what we want and what we believe in. We believe in trust, efficiency and hunger to become better, hunger to strive for greatness. With this portal, we have created an opportunity for everyone, an opportunity that I never had.  

Share this with your friends, brainstorm and talk about what drives you on. Start creating today, and push relentlessly towards your ambition. Don’t just talk, act today. Take action and responsibility for what you preach. In each and every situation, we’re here, we believe in you and in your ambitions. If you believe it, we do too. If you can dream it, you can do it.  

So, start today, we believe in you. 


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