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Jan 19
Malta’s First Social Media Platform – Xjismu

Malta is a small island with big opinions. And now, there’s finally a social…

Nov 18
Weather in Malta: A Guide to Every Season

The weather in Malta is truly something that cannot be matched anywhere else. With…

Nov 16
Nightlife in Malta: What to Expect

Every night is a night out in Malta, and there is always something going on that you…

Nov 16
Feasts in Malta: a Cultural Experience

As the Maltese Islands are predominantly Catholic, whereby religion and customary…

Nov 16
How to Throw a Boat Party in Malta

Planning a boat party is not as easy as it seems. There are so many factors to…

Nov 12
Hiring A Photographer in Malta: 6 Things to Check Before You Find The Right One

Do you need a photographer for your next event? Or are you just looking to update your…

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