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Jan 24
Why Malta’s early school leavers rate is one of the highest in Europe.

What can be done? In the past recent years, we have seen this trend year after year, which more and more students quitting school at the early teenage years. According to Eurostat (European Union statistics) show that Malta placed second in early school leavers, from the age group of between 18-24. More information extracted by […]

Jan 23
How to get started as a Graphic Designer in Malta! (2021)

Get started as a Graphic Designer in Malta – All the necessary steps you MUST know! My path was kind of a strange one when compared to others; as I started studying and working within accounting but ended up finally following what my heart really desires. It was a kind of a black hole going into this, but finally I […]

Jan 22
Use your voice to earn extra money in Malta | Full Guide

You think you’ve got a voice to conquer? Start freelancing today with tminta   I have been wondering recently; How come here in Malta we lack a whole lot of freelancing voice-over artists? Why people who are gifted with a powerful voice aren’t using it as their side hustle or even as a full–time job? Is […]

Jan 21
Children of tomorrow should consider manual labour in Malta.

Why the children of today and tomorrow should consider giving priority to manual labour in Malta.   In recent times, there has been a common misconception about getting a degree instead of working in construction services, plastering works, etc. While there are valid arguments for both cases; the number of people skilled in manual work as it is decreasing exponentially; whereas, more and more people are receiving tertiary education. A very common misconception is that manual […]

Jan 20
How to get started in Accounts in Malta | Step-by-Step(2021)

Get started in Accounts in Malta – All the necessary steps you MUST know!  If you’re Maltese or a student aspiring to get started in Accounting in Malta, this is the right place to be. The past few years where some kind of a roller-coaster. I was completely lost from where I should get started into […]

Jan 19
Accounting Jobs in Malta – Are they any good?

Accounting Jobs in Malta – how good are they? Is there any future for Accounting Jobs in Malta?   In recent years, I’ve been having a career transition in my life and I am really blessed for it. I’ve learnt a whole lot about accounts and what does and what doesn’t need doing. I’ve been fortunate enough that I’ve […]

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