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Production Manager - Creating and maintaining a production schedule for each show - Maintaining contact information - Organizing additional meetings for cast and production staff - Working closely with Directors and other department heads to make decisions regarding set, costume, lighting and other aspects of a production and ensure these are within the budget of the production - Keeping stage and backstage areas organised - Ensuring decisions made regarding the set of a production are carried out safely - Prepare budgets and monitoring expenses   Stage Manager - Mark out the dimensions of the set on the floor of the rehearsal hall - Make sure rehearsal props and furnishings are available for the actors - Attend all rehearsals -Scheduling and running rehearsals   Assistant Stage Manager - Help the Stage Manager tape out the floorplan. - Help the Stage Manager pull rehearsal props and furniture. - Help the Stage Manager with any needed clerical help. - Help the Stage Manager insure the stage or rehearsal space is ready for each rehearsal. -Contact members if they're late - Notate blocking - Be “on book” -Prompt the actors if needed - Annotate cues on the script -Call the show

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