I specialize in building custom systems, to specifically solve your digital problems.

With over 5 years of experience in web design and development, I can deliver a complete system including SEO and a custom, modern design based on your target audience.


Please note: I don't work with WordPress and I won't deliver some off-the-shelf solution in a few days. Solving problems the right way takes time, and research.

I also do work around online marketing and digital business.


I've worked with several local software houses as a web developer, since I was just a student.

As a freelancer, and also for personal projects, I've done all aspects of delivering a digital solution. This includes research, design, development, SEO, deployment, and maintenance.

I graduated BSc (Hons) in Software Development from MCAST.

I work with passion, which leads to greater results, and will only take on interesting projects.

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