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Why we do this you might ask? This is a quality assurance that any client would seek. Having the verification mark would add additional confidence and verification in your work.


Quality assurance for anyone who is searching for any service on our platform.


A mark which embodies quality service. Having this mark will give the client added security when purchasing services.


Peace of mind when doing any transaction.

Request Verification

How to

Quality Assurance

We'll be conducting a series of verifications to make sure that the work conducted is of quality. Some of the verifications include: Quality of work, Customer Support, Time Taken.


A minimum of 30, 5 star reviews is required prior applying. Make sure you reached the amount prior submitting your application.


In the form below submit your account. The verification can take up to 3 months due to the quality assurance phase. Doing so will promote the best outcome.

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