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Aug 25
Buying Vs Renting a Car in Malta – The complete guide

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Aug 24
How to buy a car in Malta – Complete Guide

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Aug 23
How does the driving licence penalty points system in Malta really work?

Driving licence penalty points in Malta – How they really work. After taking a couple…

the why
A Platform Built for
Service-Providers in Malta

The platform that caters for all self-employed & freelancers in Malta. All service providers under one roof. A stepping stone – supporting local talent. A hub for self-employed and freelancers alike.

We’ve been through this ourselves. Creating an equal opportunity for all ensures the fairest outcome. As native service providers ourselves, we wanted to ensure that a level playing field exists, thus quality and service prevails. 

Tminta is more than an advertising platform, we give more. We are here to help freelancers and consumers connect and build relationships. Facilitating such relationships keeps us going. 

We give a voice to all aspiring service providers in Malta. We provide a place to start and grow. 

By listening, we grow. By listening we provide. Anyone’s success is our success. We strive to innovate, we strive to grow. Both for freelancers in Malta and the consumers. As one.

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A tool built and tailored to facilitate the connection between service providers in Malta and their customers. We’re constantly improving our products and services to make sure that we’d achieve the best possible outcome for the customers who are enquiring for a service and the freelancers in Malta. Get started today, join the movement.

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