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Hiring a Cleaner in Malta 101: Questions to Ask and Red Flags To Look Out For

It’s time to hire a cleaner for your home or business. But how do you know if the cleaner is trustworthy and reliable? Who should you be looking out for when hiring a cleaner? What questions should you ask the cleaner before they start work at your business or residence? All of these important factors are discussed in this article, so keep reading to find out more!

What to look for in a cleaner in Malta

The person

Your home holds your most intimate and prized possessions, so if you’re hiring someone to clean it, they will get to see a lot of your life. This is why when hiring a cleaner in Malta, it’s all about the person rather than the skill set. You need to feel comfortable with the cleaner and you both have to sync well.

It’s important that you ask questions about their background so you can be sure that they are reliable. You can’t be too cautious when hiring a cleaner because you never know how trustworthy the person is until it’s too late.


Of course experience is important, the person you hire must have experience working as a cleaner.

It’s good to ask the cleaner how long they have been doing this job and what kind of experiences they’ve had in the past.

You can also ask to see a cleaner’s portfolio if they have one, this will give you an idea of what kind of cleaning work they do and how well they clean up after themselves.


When you are interviewing your potential cleaner it’s important to ask about their availability so that you know what kind of cleaner you will be getting. A cleaner is only as good as their availability so it’s important that your cleaner can provide their services whenever you need them.

A cleaner who is only available on certain days and at a very short notice, isn’t really worth hiring because they can easily get held up with previous jobs or emergencies which will make them unreliable in the future.

If you are hiring a cleaner in Malta it’s important to find someone who is available when you need them.


Of course price matters too, but not so much that it becomes the deciding factor for choosing your cleaner. It would be great if all cleaners were well priced but unfortunately this isn’t always the case because each cleaner has their own rates which vary depending on their experience, availability and education.

You need to find a cleaner who is reasonably priced but still offers the kind of quality cleaning services that you are looking for. If your cleaner’s prices are too high then they probably won’t be worth it because there will be other cleaners out there who can match or better.

Lately, more and more industries are demanding cleaner to be paid the same amount as other workers in different industries. It’s important to remember that cleaner has a very difficult job which often ends up under very tight deadlines. Cleaners often work night shifts or early morning shifts with few days off, so it is crucial for cleaner to get an appropriate wage for their work.

Personal Habits

The cleaner’s personal hygiene habits also matter when determining whether or not they are a good cleaner to hire. Of course, it’s important that the cleaner is capable of doing their job well, but you also need to be sure that they have personal hygiene habits which allow them to do this effectively.

If your cleaner doesn’t take care of themselves and has bad hygiene then this will affect how clean your home or business will be.

You can ask the cleaner about their personal hygiene, but it’s important to make sure that you don’t come across as rude because if they feel uncomfortable with this question then they may not want to work for you which is perfectly normal.

Red Flags

Here are some red flags to look out for:

– They ask lots of questions about who else will be in your home or business, if there has been any break ins recently etc. This shows that they might be planning something.

– They don’t want to show you their ID or any documents that prove who they are and where they live.

– The cleaner shows up with a friend, husband etc when it’s just supposed to be themselves.

– They ask you to leave the house or business while they clean. This is a big NO as it’s not safe and also defeats the purpose of hiring a cleaner in Malta!

Make sure to look for these red flags without coming out as rude, maintaining a positive relationship is very important.

Questions To Ask A Cleaner In Malta

  • Do you have references that I can contact?
  • How many years experience do you have in cleaner work?
  • What kind of cleaner were you before (house cleaner, commercial cleaner, etc)?
  • How often will we need your services and what is an available time for our appointment to be scheduled on your part?
  • What is your fee and how much notice do we need to give if we need a cleaner at the last minute.
  • How long have you been cleaning?
  • What types of jobs do you usually get asked to do (e.g. general housecleaning, upholstery etc)?
  • What’s the most amount of people they’ve ever worked for at once?
  • Do you have your own transportation and equipment (e.g. vacuum cleaner, mop etc)?

These are all important questions that will help ensure you’re hiring the cleaner you need!

Where to find a cleaner in Malta

Just like any other profession, you can find reliable cleaners on Tminta in no time! Tminta is a trusted and reliable place to hire self-employed and freelancers in Malta; it allows you to see customer reviews, work photos and visit their social media pages so that you can take an even further look into their work.

Through Tminta you can directly get in touch with them via the platform’s chat function, via email, or the Call Now button. It’s literally that easy! The cleaner you choose from Tminta will be able to provide a wide array of services.

Make sure to leave a review after using their services s that other customers like you can find a reliable cleaner in Malta.


As you can see, there are many factors to consider when hiring a cleaner in Malta. It’s important that you do your research before deciding on who to hire so that it doesn’t end up being all for nothing.

There are red flags which should be looked out for, but also questions to ask the cleaner themselves!

If you’re looking for cleaner in Malta then Tminta is the place to go! .


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