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Use your voice to earn extra money in Malta | Full Guide

You think you’ve got a voice to conquer? Start freelancing today with tminta


I have been wondering recently; How come here in Malta we lack a whole lot of freelancing voice-over artists? Why people who are gifted with a powerful voice aren’t using it as their side hustle or even as a fulltime job? Is it because of lack of information? Is it because we lack public job offers? Could it be, that people just don’t search for one and they just hire an agency to do it for them?  

Just imagine, your voice promoting a vision, a dream. It could be you.

So, why not invest in yourself and start making voice-over recordings! Expose yourself and use your skills as your daily driver. Promote your craft, do demo reels and show Malta what you’re made of! 


What makes a good voice-over artist?


A good voice-over artist has his/her own equipment and software to record his craft. How about his/her actual voice; what should it be like? This really depends on the type of artist you are. Normally, a voice-over artist is a little bit of a jack of all trades, one who knows how to do any kind of requested task. However, this depends accordingly on your voice depth, pitch and control. 

If you like to narrate a story, you’re likely to have a deep suiting voice. If you’re doing a child targeted advertisement, you’re likely to have a thinner/sifter voice. So, it really depends on the nature of the required voice-over. As you may well notice, you could stir the career in any direction that you may desire. Male or female, only the sky is the limit.  

So, if you’re in to do some extra cash, be willing to invest and publish your own reels. These will absolutely pay dividends in the future. 


How to train your voice?


There are quite a few techniques – from breathing techniques, to exercising and posture exercises. We recommend Charisma on Command for this section as we think they explain it in a much clearer manner – Link as per follows: . However, don’t be afraid to dig deeper. There are a lot of people providing huge and valuable information, so break down the boundaries and explore!  


Top tips to look out for as a voice-over artist in Malta: 


  • Find a quiet space to record. 
    • Give yourself space. 
  • Invest in good quality equipment. 
    • This will make the product of a higher professional quality. 
  • Service your peripherals and check for constant software updates. 
    • Sometimes the programs tend to misbehave. Try uninstalling and installing or updating their software before seeking professional help. 
  • Read the Script from a computer or a tablet 
    • When using paper and you switch pages, paper tends to make a sound and this echoes during the recording.  
    • Use the read and scroll method with your preferred device for a smoother and clearer recording. 
  •  Outline each area. 
    • If you’ve just read a chapter, outline the next one by stating in which chapter you’re in. 
  • Be animated, add some flare to your voice and recording. 
    • Be animated, don’t sit down when recording. Take deep breaths and give the user a break. However, do not be scared to add your own flare in it. Be energetic! Show love and passion in your work. HAVE FUN! I am sure that the public will feel your emotion. 
  • Don’t split sentences – A good tip for post editing. 
    • Keep to the script, whilst maintaining a good composure within your tonality. 
  • Animate your interest. 
    • Show passion in your work, be interested in theirs. This will show and slot in beautifully! 
  • Don’t join and twirl words together. 
    • When you don’t know a word, don’t twist and bend, just keep on going as it is still hard to edit in post editing. 
  • Commit to your recording sessions. 
    • Don’t drink before you record. Always be 100% lucid. 
  • Give good emphasis to the word pronunciations. 
    • Take breaths, breaks and clear your mind. Study the script, the words and the persona. Be in the zone. 
    • Pace yourself. 
  • Take breaks and hydrate. 
    • It’s essential to take brakes and hydrate. Service your throat and your mind – you need them to work. 
  • Keep the microphone close to your mouth from 5 up to 7 inches  
  • Check the recording levels. 
    • Keep a reality check, even though you might be sure that the settings are good. 


What kind of equipment should you invest in? 


We will be going around this in the near future, where we’ll dig deep into all the stuff that you should be needing to get you started as a voice-over artist in Malta. Having said that, we suggest this article which goes on about how to get you started on having your own studio at home. Still however, subsequently you’ll find an outline list of what you require.  

A small soundproofed space – Could easily be done at a low price 

  • A medium level laptop – enough to handle Adobe Audition – all laptops released after 2014 should do an adequate job 
  • Adobe Audition – Software to record and edit audio. 
  • Microphone + Stand + Good Headphones. 

Booth junkie explains the process in a flawless manner. I really suggest you give him a listen


Furthermore, do listen to some adobe audition tutorials as these will definitely help you in the future. 


Portfolio and Promoting your work


We have created this portal to promote you, YOU who like me did not have a voice in Malta as a freelancer, up until now! We give you the tools to put yourself out there and show off your skills.  

  • So, what should you do to stand out as a voiceover artist? 
    • Create demo reels to show to your potential to potential customers. 
    • Create a tminta account from this link. 
    • Ask people to rate your work on the portal so you could get more traction in relation to your competitors. 




We believe that if you work hard and show love and passion in the skill that you desire, you will succeed. There is a fire within each individual. There is potential within each and every one of us. It is up to us what we do with the tools provided to us. It is up to us to seek what’s best.  

As a rule of thumb, we believe that in each skill there is room and potential to create your own business. This is your time and let the show begin. 

We always believe in you. 


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