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6 Ways to Grow as a Web Designer in Malta

Web design is a profession that can be done from anywhere in the world, but self employment web designers have many advantages. In this blog post we will talk about 6 ways to grow as web designer in Malta and how you can promote yourself to get more clients!

1. Show your Work

A portfolio shows potential clients what work you have done before. It’s a way to showcase your web design skills, and show off your web design portfolio.

Do not write numbers or bullet points, include links to clients’ websites that you have built. This is a very easy way for potential clients to see what you have done before, so it’s an important thing to include on your website if you are self employed web designer in Malta. You can even create more than one portfolio web page, depending on the type of work you do.

Clients love to see web design case studies, this is a great way for them to understand what you can do and how your web design company in Malta works. When clients are unsure whether to use your services or not, your portfolio becomes your strongest selling asset.

If you’re just starting out and haven’t done any client work yet, create template websites and showcase them on your portfolio. Don’t let it limit you!

2. Be Helpful

Don’t be afraid to give out free consultations. This is a great way for web designers to showcase their web design skills and help clients understand what they can do. Even if you just have simple advice that cannot be turned into a full web design project, this will still give your business more exposure on the web!

A blog post about web design also helps potential clients get an idea of how web design works and be educated about web design. It’s also a great way to get more clients, especially if you create posts that help web designers grow in specific areas of web design. Focus your social media content on helpful tips and educational web design web content.

Think of web designers as your web designer friends, and make sure they are getting the attention that they deserve! This is a great way to get more clients because you will be able to promote yourself on social media without being pushy or sales-y about it.

If you have some spare time at the end of the day, volunteer to help web design non-profits. This will give your business more exposure on social media as well as make you a better web designer in Malta!

3. Create pre-priced combinations

For less-technical individuals, creating a website for their business may be intimidating. Make it easier for your potential customers by providing pre-priced combinations, and you’ll increase the likelihood that they accept an otherwise intimidating task. Instead of quoting customers per-hour or per-job costs, offer package deals for popular undertakings such as Website Creation and 1 year support package, or a website + 5 SEO blogs included (an opportunity to sub-contract)

This will help your customers by making your work seem less daunting than they would if you offered an hourly rate that feels like a large sum of money just for the first consultation. The more affordable these packages are, the better chance you have at gaining new business from potential clients who were too scared to speak with web designers in Malta before.

When you offer these packages, be sure that your customers know what they’re getting into and how much it will cost them in the long run. For example, website and full-year support prices may seem affordable at first but if a customer decides not to go through with the project after signing on for this package deal, they will have to pay for work done, a cancellation fee, plus any other expenses incurred.

You can also offer ‘no obligation’ packages where you give your customers a rough estimate on what their website should cost them without actually having to sign anything. This way, if they decide not to go through with their website after speaking with you, then they won’t be out any money.

4. Word-of-mouth and Referrals

Never underestimate the power of word-of mouth. Obtaining word-of-mouth can be very difficult. To counteract this, use a referral program to entice past customers to recommend your services to new people. Every time a customer refers you or gives you a testimonial, offer them an incentive, which you can make up yourself.

This will both increase the likelihood of word-of-mouth advertising, and also gain your web design business free advertisement from clients who are willing to do a little work on their own time in order to get what they want (a discounted service).

It’s important not to underestimate testimonials, as this is one of the most effective and cheapest ways to advertise web design services.

5. Network

Yes, you must venture into the actual world and face it as it is. Attend meetups in your area and organize presentations as a key speaker. Don’t be shy!

Don’t focus all of your efforts on chasing customers. Spend some time meeting other professionals in the industry as well. You may want to meet with accountants, social media marketers and other professionals which may refer their clients to you.

This is a great way to get web design work because you will be directly marketing with the people that influence most of the web design decisions around Malta. You can also gain new business by promoting your services at events and getting in front of potential customers who have no idea what web designers do!

6. Promote Where it Matters

It’s important to spend your effort where it counts.

– Social Media: Setting up portfolios on platforms like Facebook or Instagram is a fantastic approach to raise awareness about what a you as a web designer in Malta do. This will also help bring in new clients from those who are unaware that web design exists! Create a profile for your company and don’t forget to include links back to your website so others may find you as well!

– TmintaAdvertise where it matters. Our platform’s purpose is to bring Malta’s service providers under one roof and facilitate building relationships between self-employed and customers in Malta.

Here’s how it works:

  • You create profile and upload all relevant information about yourself & your services as a Web Designer in Malta
  • Potential Clients find your services and can contact you directly from our platform (via email, phone or chat)!


It is important that web designers in Malta don’t underestimate the potential of their services. There are many ways to go about promoting web design work and it’s up to you as a self-employed person to decide what works best for your business!

If you want more information on how we help self-employed and freelancers in Malta get discovered by more potential customers, contact us today!


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