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Getting Started as a Web Designer in Malta: All You Need to Know

If you are thinking of setting up your own web design company in Malta, you need to know what qualifications and skills are required. What is the average salary for a web designer in Malta? How do I set myself apart from other companies? We have all the answers for you! In this article, we will cover everything that you need to know about starting your career as a web designer in Malta.

Setting up as a freelance web designer in Malta

If you are just starting out, its better to set up as a self-employed rather than opening a company. This will require much less paper work, less set-up costs and less complications. We have another article that explains the complete process of setting up as a freelancer in Malta

Setting up a company is better if you employ employees. Setting up a company will make you less liable than if you are self-employed. This implies that if a client has an issue and you’re sued, it’s the business that will be sued (Eg: XYZ Ltd) not you directly (Eg: Your name).

Qualifications and Skills

As any other profession, there are qualifications that you can obtain to become a web designer in Malta. However, there are no legal requirements to be a web designer in Malta.

That being said, it helps having qualifications when applying for jobs. There is certain experience that most companies look for before hiring you or contracting your services. Besides the usual skills required of any job (communication, organisation etc.), these are the main ones that employers(or clients) will expect from you.

Most importantly, you need to be creative! It is important that your portfolio attracts clients. If they are not attracted by your work then there’s a big chance that you won’t get hired or contracted for web design . Employers will also want to see how well you can code HTML and CSS as well as have excellent Photoshop skills .

Most companies are looking for freelancers that have experience in CMS’s. Most of the time, they are using WordPress and Joomla so it is a good idea to know how to build websites with these platforms. HTML and CSS knowledge is still required but most importantly you need be able to understand what the client wants from their website. It is still better to know how to build websites from scratch rather than using templates.

The most important asset to have however is not a diploma or degree, but a portfolio. A portfolio shows clients what work you’ve done before so they know more about your capabilities and skills as a web designer. When clients are unsure whether to use your services or not, your portfolio becomes your strongest selling asset.

Communication is another vital skill for a web designer in Malta . Clients want web designers who can explain how their website will work and what they need from it. They also expect a lot of communication regarding the project – from start to finish, changes etc. It is very important that clients feel comfortable with you as if there’s any issue they need to know that you are the one who can fix it.

How much does a web designer in Malta make?

Web design can be a very profitable business if you are good at what you do. Unfortunately, web design can also be a very difficult business to run if your skills and talents aren’t up to par.

There is no simple answer as web designer salaries in Malta vary depending on several factors such as: level of experience , type of company (freelancer vs. agency), location etc.. However, we will give you some clues that may help get an idea about how much web designers make in Malta .

The average salary for web developers/designers lies between €28,000 and €40,000 . This varies from one freelancing platform to another but this seems like the general rate among most freelance web development companies or individual contractors working with clients directly. The more experienced and well known you are, the more money you can charge for your services.

There is no fixed web design salary in Malta . It depends on experience and clientele – where they come from (local or international), what type of web designer you are etc.. A web developer with a degree/diploma who works as an employee at a company will usually earn much less than someone who runs their own agency and employs other people. If we calculate using €16 per hour: after taxes, employees probably take home around €12 per hour while web designers working independently would get more than that amount but it all really matters how well they market themselves to attract clients. Of course there’s also expenses such as software and marketing costs that need to be deducted when you’re self employed.

The other important factor is the clients themselves . Do not underestimate them! They will easily find someone else who can do the job cheaper so try keep your prices fair but reasonable too . Pricing usually depends on several things: amount work required + skill level needed

Advertising your services

Once you have a web design portfolio, it’s time to start advertising your services. There are plenty of ways in which web designers advertise their skills online and offline.

Social Media: Putting up portfolios on websites such as Facebook or Instagram is a great way to get the word out about what web designers do. This will also help attract new business from people who may not be aware that web design exists! Create a page for your business and don’t forget to add links back to your website so others can find you too! Make sure that when adding pictures of web designs, you always include the URL link at the bottom giving credit where credit is due (To yourself!).

Tminta: Advertise where it matters. Our platform’s purpose is to bring Malta’s service providers under one roof and facilitate building relationships between self-employed and customers in Malta.

Here’s how it works:

  • You create profile and upload all relevant information about yourself & your services as a Web Designer in Malta
  • Potential Clients find your services and can contact you directly from our platform (via email, phone or chat)!

Conclusion Paragraph

Web design is constantly evolving, there’s no definite way of doing things and web designers in Malta can try out new ideas without too much worry. The most important thing to remember when starting out is that you need to be confident in your abilities and always put the customer first!

If you want to find out more on how Tminta can help you grow, contact us!


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