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Jan 30
Malta Doors, Windows and Balconies

Doors, windows or balconies in Malta? Whether made by aluminium or woodwork, you can find it on Tminta. Years ago, we used to say that in Gozo they would leave the key (muftieh) in the door. This was since it was safe and there was a low theft rate. You would ask, then why would […]

Jan 29
How to start physical activity in Malta. What can I do?

Need to adopt a healthier lifestyle? Our current lifestyle is making it harder and harder to maintain optimum health. We juggle between long hours and stress at work, family commitments and whatever else takes up our time. At the end, there is very little time left for mindful food preparation and exercising. Not exactly a […]

Jan 28

Must know about vitamins nutrition in MALTA Vitamins These are organic compounds we require in tiny amounts. An organic compound is any molecule that contains carbon. It is called a vitamin when our bodies cannot synthesize (produce) enough or any of it, so we need to get it from our food. Vitamins are classified as […]

Jan 27

Must know about self nutrition in MALTA In recent years, studies have shown that in Malta is one of the top European countries with high rates of obesity. Malnutrition can have negative impact on our bodies both in short term and long term. In proper balanced nutrition reduces the risk for chronic diseases. In the […]

Jan 26
Planning for your wedding day – all the steps!

Are you thinking of getting married? The process for the perfect wedding day is quite long, where a couple start by planning before for to have the memorable day. Usually planning start at least two to three years ahead,, since most venues are being fully booked from many months before. So if you are getting […]

Jan 24
Why Malta’s early school leavers rate is one of the highest in Europe.

What can be done? In the past recent years, we have seen this trend year after year, which more and more students quitting school at the early teenage years. According to Eurostat (European Union statistics) show that Malta placed second in early school leavers, from the age group of between 18-24. More information extracted by […]

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