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Why Malta’s early school leavers rate is one of the highest in Europe.

What can be done?

In the past recent years, we have seen this trend year after year, which more and more students quitting school at the early teenage years. According to Eurostat (European Union statistics) show that Malta placed second in early school leavers, from the age group of between 18-24.

More information extracted by Eurostat show that 10.6% of the 18-24 old in the EU in 2018 had completed at most a lower secondary education and were not in further education or training (‘early leavers’). Early leavers from education and training may face considerable difficulties in the labour market: for example, they can find it difficult to obtain a secure foothold as employers may be more reluctant to take them on with their limited education.

What is to possibility if you are an early school leaver?

Although, maybe not everyone may feel fit to work a normal office job standing a whole day on a chair in the same office, there may be other opportunities such as in manual/labour work or freelancing jobs. There are also various courses available in the market, where according to your availability, one can join and further your knowledge, with the possibility to get a certified and become more employable.

Think twice, before leaving education and try to give it another go. Today you have the opportunity to sit for resits completely free.  Free SEC revision classes have been set up by the Ministry of Education, for students who will be re-sitting SEC examinations in Biology, English, Maltese, Mathematics and Physics for the September session. If you don’t want to wait till next September session you can also find on Tminta various tutors which may help you achieving your required O’level exam before or in a different time-frame according to your need.

SEC revision course offered by Ministry of Education guide

Students can apply online by visiting  from the date of results until approximately July.

For more information on the SEC classes under the Youth Guarantee Project, interested persons can phone on 2598 2280/1/2/3, visit , or visit the Facebook page – Youth Guarantee Malta .

Applying for these classes does not automatically register an application to resit the exam and MATSEC resits must be applied for specifically.


Do you require only one specific core subject O’level exam?

Matriculation certificate requirements are as follows:

Minimum of FIVE subjects at SEC/O level at grade 5/C or better. These include the core subjects: English, Maltese, Mathematics, and TWO other subjects.

Giovanni Curmi Higher Secondary offers students to apply for the MC course if s/ he has not obtained a pass in one of the core subjects but still has FIVE SEC/O level passes at grade 5/C or better. The student is given the opportunity to enroll for the missing core subject.

The Course Content

TWO subjects at A level + THREE subjects at I level + Systems of Knowledge (SOK)
(+ 1 subject at SEC level if applicable)


Subject Choice


Subjects are divided into four groups. Students are to choose ONE subject from each of Groups 1, 2 and 3 and TWO subjects from any group. No subject may be taken at both A and I levels.

Group1: Languages


Group 2: Humanities

Accounting*¹, Classical StudiesEconomics*¹GeographyHistoryMarketing*¹, PhilosophyPsychologyReligious KnowledgeSociology

Group 3: Sciences

Applied MathematicsBiologyChemistryEnvironmentalScience*², Physics,

Pure Mathematics

Group 4: Arts and Technology

ArtComputing*³, Graphical Communication, Home Economics & Human Ecology, 

Information TechnologyMusicPhysical EducationTheatre & Performance Studies (Drama)SOK

*¹ Only 2 of these subjects can be taken 2 together

*² Offered at Intermediate level only & cannot be taken with Physics, Chemistry, Biology

*³ Computing cannot be taken with Information Technology

In the below link you may find subjects and study programs offered by Giovanni Curmi Higher Secondary.

Are you full-time or part time employed and want to further your education?

If someone is employed, some employers may even encourage going for training in order for their employees to gather training to perform better their job, which is mutual benefit for both the employer and the employee. If one works full time in the morning, and have obligations such as loans and doesn’t have the possibility to leave the job in the mornings, they can opt for part time course which are usually held at the evenings. Learning a skill better may give you a better chance of improving in your career.

For example: MCAST offers a large range of Full-time and Part-time courses where you can specialize in a particular skill.

In the below links, one can find a list of full-time and part-time courses

List of industries and courses sectors

Courses may vary from year to year therefore if you think something is for you, act now and read about it!! On the above website you can find different levels of entry, which according to your level of study or exams obtained, you may be entailed to skip some years and enter at a level above the minimum requirement.  Level 1 requires that you must have completed compulsory education. We have handpicked some of the industries, and courses sectors which are available currently for you.


Applied Sciences


Aquatics and Marine Animals

Business Management and Commerce

Creative Arts, Engineering and Transport

Community Services


Still undecided?

Further more if after reading this you feel undecided if it is the right opportunity for you, you may speak to a counselor, which you may set up a meeting with and guide you better to what you want to do with your future. Below, we have added the link in order to find the required details easier.


Remember, when you are investing in a particular skill or more knowledge, you are investing in yourself and in your future. It may look to be tough for now, but you will find out to be rewarding later on. We at Tmina believe in you. Find your your tutor on tminta: Education section and further your studies.



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