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In recent years, there has been a sudden increase in the property market, which is due to development and increase in size of population. By the increase in size of population, there was a higher need of properties for people to buy or to rent.

Are you ready to get up for this challenge? 

In what do you see yourself better doing?

Start asking in which type of specialization you wish to go for. A small list of house maintenance includes plumbers, painters, electricians, plastering work, finishing’s, tie layer and many more.

  • Ask yourself is this what I want to do and love to do in the long run? Doing what you love most is the most rewarding job as you achieve personal satisfaction. These kinds of jobs are also paid well since they involve skills and labour work. Furthermore, due to increase in demand of apartments, there is always the need of some house maintenance. Therefore, if you think this is for you go for it!
  • Before going for this path, don’t forget to consult your medical doctor, in case you have any conditions such as of asthma, since most of the work is done in buildings where there will be plenty of dust, which could have a negative impact on your body.
  • You might be working already in another industry, and maybe think that you need a change in your career.
  • After learning the skill, you can also start some freelance work, or even doing your own house maintenance.

Step 1: Seeing or research what is about.

The first step is trying to get familiar to what each job requires, and what needs to be learned. Start by maybe helping out at your parents’ house, or of any relative. You will get the first touch of this industry by maybe painting your own room, or changing a plug socket for a lampshade or other situations. You can also search through the internet for guides or even watch videos such as on Youtube to learn and decide better. After finding out at what you excel, or you would like to do for living you can move to the next step.

Step 2: Find courses in which area is for you which will guide you on what you enjoy doing.

MCAST, being the main institute in Malta where it offers such training courses, which will guide you in obtaining a certificate ant practical hands on experience in these skill required jobs. Furthermore, while studying, also apprenticeship may be offered in order to gain suitable experience in the industry, with the possibility of maybe being offered a full time job after completing the course if you perform well. Therefore, make your utmost, to study and perform well, since this will open the door to you in this industry. Having knowledge is important but keep in mind that valuable experience will teach you how to do the job more efficient, better and in a timely manner. Always keep in mind health and safety procedures and try to be safe as possible for yourself and others.

Following is a list of courses available at MCAST on a fulltime basis:


Introductory Certificate in Construction Engineering

Foundation Certificate in Construction Engineering

Diploma in Construction Engineering

Diploma in Construction and Stone Masonry

Diploma in Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning

Diploma in Joinery and Furniture Making Diploma in Masonry Heritage Skills (Sewwej)

Diploma in Building Services Installations (Plumbing or Plumbing and Electrical)

Diploma in Trowel Trades (Plastering and Tile Laying or Painting and Decorating)

Diploma in Welding and Fabrication

Advanced Diploma in Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning

Advanced Diploma in Joinery, Furniture Design and Manufacturing

Advanced Diploma in Masonry Heritage Skills (Mastru)

Advanced Diploma in Plumbing and Liquid Petroleum Gas Systems

Advanced Diploma in Welding and Fabrication

Advanced Diploma in Construction Engineering

Advanced Diploma in Building Services Engineering Higher

Diploma in Masonry Heritage Skills (Kapumastru)

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Building Services Engineering

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Construction Engineering

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Construction Engineering (Civil Engineering)

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Quantity Surveying

Diploma in Electrical Installations

Diploma in Engineering (Electronics)

Advanced Diploma in Industrial Electronics

Advanced Diploma in Electrical Systems


Following is a list of courses available at MCAST on a part-time basis:


Electronics Beginners Course using Arduino

DIY Home Maintenance

Architectural drafting principles

Advanced Architectural Drafting Techniques

Level 4 Award in Construction Site management

Level 5 Award in Quantity Surveying

Limes, Mortars and Pointing Houses of Character

Plastering and Tile Laying

Preparation and Installation of Flat Gypsum Boards

Stone Mason’s Course (Full Course Leading to Mason’s Licence)

Plumbing Installations using Fusion Welded Pipes and Fittings

Woodwork – Introduction

Intermediate Woodwork – Bench Joinery

Lift Installers

MCAST Award in Electrical / Electronics Technology 3

Unit 1: Electronic Principles

Unit 2: Design Construction and Testing of Electronic Circuits

Unit 3: Electrical Principles

Electrical Installation

Basic Electrical Installation

Electrical Installations 1 – leading to Authorisation A

Electrical Installations 2 – leading to Authorisation B

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning



Find a company or individuals which you can work with and gain valuable experience. It is your choice if you would like to start by going to a course and finding experience later on or starting immediately with someone and learning hands on while working. At first you might find it hard, since it is all new for you, but always keep in mind that it is for your future. You can climb the ladder and may end up with your own company or becoming a freelancer (self employed). Due not having experience at first you might not have a high wage, but it may increase by becoming better and more efficient. Don’t be afraid to try something new, everyone makes mistakes at first, but from those mistakes you learn for next time. At Tminta we believe in becoming a freelancer. List yourself as a freelancer in the following link. If you do not have an account sign up now!


Customers are important, try to understand their need and if possible meet or exceed their expectations. An example would be cleaning after you have done the job. Remember that they will pass on the word that you have done a great job, and recommend you to other clients.

Check out this blog if you want to learn more about becoming self-employed in Malta




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