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Malta Doors, Windows and Balconies

Doors, windows or balconies in Malta?

Whether made by aluminium or woodwork, you can find it on Tminta.

Years ago, we used to say that in Gozo they would leave the key (muftieh) in the door. This was since it was safe and there was a low theft rate. You would ask, then why would you do a door if you would leave the key for anyone who would like to open the door? Today this may have changed, due to the increase in crimes it is no longer seen as safe to leave the door open or the key in the door. It is important to have your mind at rest; this is why doors are needed, to reduce the chance that anyone not invited to get into a place. Windows are also a way to keeping your house safe while having the option to open them for some fresh air, as we say in Maltese ‘tperreċ il-kamra’

So what doors are made of?

Doors are usually made out of wood, glass and or aluminium. Usually the choice is according to what type of place and where it is located. There are different types, shapes and options to choose from whether it is a townhouse, garage, room in a field, outdoor gate or any other type of place.

Wooden doors

Wooden door are usually in a rectangular shape. Usually it is better when the carpenter comes to the place to measeure and guides you better to what choice is better. Some people prefer to have a glass maybe at the sides or in the middle with a wood window to be able to close from the inside for safety. These are the most common doors in Malta since wood is a very good insulation of heat. Then there are the classic wooden doors which includes an arc on top. These are usually found in old townhouses, house of character and classic houses.

All-wood doors are made from either affordable softwoods or, at the higher-end, more durable and elegant hardwoods. The look of wood doors has always been a favourite—although doors can have a variety of appearances, most are designed to look as though they’re made from wood even if they’re not.

Exterior doors are usually made from solid wood (planks or blocks glued together and sanded). A design according to the customer needs is applied when shaping the door. After sanding  veneer applied over solid wood, or veneer applied over a hollow core or sometimes even sprayed with paint. Apart from the actual door the casing is cut to shape aro

From time to time due to weather and long hours in the sun, some maintenance must be done to the doors. This usually includes changing any hinges which may get rust or stuck, repainting due to the sun the paint would fade.

Aluminium doors

Usually this option is more chosen to have either a secondary door in front of the primary door or mostly for balconies or maybe between the internal yards. They usually also have glass so that light can go through inside.

These are also made to measure according to the height and width needed. Instead of being glues they usually use nuts or bolts.


Gates are usually made from iron. They are also made to measure according to where they are being used. Gates may defer in sizes and shapes such as gate for common garages, gate for people entrance in premises. They are another form of safety measure to keep unwanted guests to enter. Then they are coated / galvanised to be against rust. At last they are sprayed or painted according to the clients’ request.

Wooden windows

Wooden windows are usually in rectangular shape but sometimes they have different shapes such as having an ark on top. Wooden windows in Malta are mostly used in classic town houses, house of character and in city centers but you may still opt to this option if it fits better. These are a good method of insulation of heat since wood is a bad conductor of heat. Sometimes wooden windows are made only chosen as an exterior cover to keep the facade look. These require maintenance after some years due to direct sunlight and rain contact, which damages the paint.

Aluminium windows

Aluminium windows in Malta re usually used mostly in flats, modern apartments and houses. Today, we are more conscious of heat insulation, and many chose to opt for double glazing. This helps a lot from heat coming in during summer and also in winter from heat going out of the house. Double glazing may sometimes be seen expensive, but you must see in the long term if the premises have direct contact to the sun, and for how many hours. This would result in savings from heating and cooling the premises.


Balconies are made either be made open or closed. Open balconies are with a fence made of either glass or iron which is coated and sprayed. Wood is likely to be used in Malta for closed balconies in old townhouses and in city houses. Aluminium closed balconies are mostly used in flats or houses which are not in the core of the city.


Garages usually are also made out of wood, iron/steel painted or aluminium. These are made to measure and according to the need of the client.


From time to time there where government schemes funded by EU which gives some funds in restoring classic balconies and facades. Stay on the lookout if you think you qualify for this incentive.

All the above give both security and also give character to our houses. We should try to keep our houses safe but also keep our traditions and character for future generations. At Tminta you may find both wood works and also aluminium works.


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