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Accounting Jobs in Malta – Are they any good?

Accounting Jobs in Malta – how good are they? Is there any future for Accounting Jobs in Malta?


In recent years, I’ve been having a career transition in my life and I am really blessed for it. I’ve learnt a whole lot about accounts and what does and what doesn’t need doing. I’ve been fortunate enough that I’ve been always surrounded by accounting minded people, so it was always a familiar place to be. I have wondered over the years; what is the potential of becoming a successful accountant, and what job opportunities are there in relation to accounting jobs in Malta? 

We have decided to try and not bore you out with countless information, by briefly structuring the right data for you in a simple manner.   


So, to begin with, are accounting jobs in Malta any good? 


Yes, definitely! This is a huge sector in Malta, demand is constantly on the rise and as a matter of fact, salaries are rising in proportion. In the past few years, Malta’s economy has registered a rapid surge as companies are increasingly moving to Malta.  These companies need people to operate. There are a lot of different roles that could be filled. We will be going over them in a minute.  

Top tip if you’re a bit anxious about the strength of this sector in the future: It is normal to be anxious when you think that your current job could be a staple for your future. However, which job around the world is always 100% safe? Not even one. So, do not worry, you’re talented, you have got the will and that is all that matters. Having said that, this is a booming sector, always on the rise, so we do not assume it taking a huge hit anytime soon. 


What is the potential to land a good Accounting job in Malta? 


My group of accountant friends and myself have made a brief analysis of this topic. We sorted the accounting jobs without hints of experience – only with qualified education standards and this is what we came up with: 

It is important to note that all education courses mentioned below are accounting related! 

Having an O-level standard education. 

  • Office Clerk 
  • Salary starting: 13k-15k per year. 

Having an A-level standard education. 

  • Office Clerk or an Accounts clerk on a lower scale. 
  • Salary starting: 15k-20k per year. 

Having a Degree standard of education. 

  • Accounts Executive on a higher scale with potential of scaling to an Assistant Financial Controller after a couple of years. 
  • Salary starting: 23k-30k 

Having Masters standard of education. 

  • Accountant, financial controller etc. 
  • Salary starting: 23k-35k 

There is a sea of opportunities for accounting jobs in Malta! It is up to you to spread your wings and go for it. Having all of this good experience will help even more if you ever want to start freelancing!  

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It is good to use your skills and start your own business, if you’ve got the will and dedication, you will undoubtedly flourish. 


Are there any more options?


Yes, there actually are more options. You could start working with an accounting firm like PwC and study accounts at the same time. Joining their junior team would ensure a place within this financial world. They will invest time and resources in yourself and you’ll get job security, a sponsor for your studies and a hands-on experience in return!  

There is a huge opportunity for freelancing, with a portal like tminta, it allows you to create a profile and gather ratings based on your performances. So be sure to work as hard as you can, both investing in your skill and taking care of your customers as this would pay dividends in the future. If you’re just starting in both accounting and freelance, you could do some bookkeeping and data entry to start off with. So, don’t wait, act today and start flourishing. 

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We believe in spreading your wings and trying out the experience. If you don’t spread them, you will never know. We are fortunate enough to live in a world where information is easily accessible; you could tap into a lot of information just by a couple of key searches on the internet. We have provided you with the necessary tools and information to further illuminate all the data required to get you started.  

Having said that, we believe that if you came here to read this blog post; you have got some fire that breaths within you. You are searching for an answer to motivate you to move forward. I know, as I have been there a couple of times. It‘s OK to wonder and search, it is OK to try and give an answer to yourself. Just know that it is going to be OK.  

As I have stated over and over again in this article, accounting jobs in Malta are here to stay. This is a safer option to pursue and even more a stable one. There are endless opportunities in regards to this financial sector, daily job openings with a whole lot of recruiters swarming around trying to help you find a job. So, do not worry. If this is your career interest and you were concerned for one reason or another, statistics suggest that accounting jobs in Malta are here to stay. 

To sum up with, we would like to thank you for reading this blog, and to whoever is reading this we wish you all the very best. Just know that we genuinely believe in you, and all your skills. Keep on grinding and should you be needing any further tips, feel free to contact us. 

We totally believe in you. 


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