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How to earn extra money by baking Cakes in Malta | Top tips

Do you love baking Cakes? Start earning extra money by baking Cakes in Malta 


Have you ever got a complement for the cakes that you bake? Or any kind of good pastry that you offer? Why not start promoting your work and earning some extra money along the line, whilst doing something that you love? Today we will be sharing our top tips on how to get you started; we will do our best to motivate you as best as possible, because we believe not just in good food, but in good food made with love. So, why not share it. We believe in your potential; we believe in you.  

I know for a fact, people with immense talent and passion for baking, but they are too shy to take the first step. I know for a fact because I experience this on a daily basis. My mother in law, an amazing cook and an even more amazing woman; she cooks the best cakes, for everyone in the family – my birthday, my brothers, my mothers, for the hamster, for everyone. However, she is scared to take the next step, and sharing this amazing skill with those who request it. So, here is where we come in.  

We suggest to everyone with a skill set to start freelancing! I just cannot stress enough how important and satisfying this actually is.  

  • For a full guide on how to start freelancing, click here. 

Following, you’ll find all the specific tips to get you started into making extra money by baking cakes in Malta: 

Don’t be shy. 

  • Just know that everything is going to be ok! It is extremely easy; heck, the easiest thing by far to not doing something and not spreading your wings, rather than doing so! Don’t be afraid to fail. If you do not even try, you have already lost. 


Believe in your craft.

  • You know when your pastry is good or not. If people are always coming back and praising you for your food, it is quite a good sign that the food is great. NEVER PUSH YOURSELF DOWN. The food tastes a million times better when it’s cooked with love. I believe in you, if you’re here reading this, this means that you’re willing to do something, meaning that there is passion in what you do. When there’s passion, there is love. 


Start promoting your work.

  • There are quite a few ways of doing so. I will go over a few as a beginner’s guide. 
  1. If you’ve got a smartphone – take pictures of the cake 
  2. Join “tminta” and create your freelancer profile – Click here to get started. 
  3. Join Maltese Facebook groups – Like “Ricetti Maltin” 
  4. Don’t sell on these groups – Start putting up your pastry and listen to the given feedback.  
  5. Ask genuine questions to people regarding their posted foods and how they do it. 
  6. When posting the food that you’ve made, always share your recipe – this feels more authentic and people appreciate it.  
  7. Don’t be scared of someone taking your recipe. Only you know how to cook it the right way you think best. You know how to cook it with love.  
  • For example: You could easily go to a pizza place in Gozo, but only “Maxokk” puts in the love in every pizza that comes out of the oven. It does not mean that other places serve bad pizza, but only they portray passion within each serving. 


What you should do after promoting.

  • After having established your name within these groups, and having good feedback, people will start searching for you online. They will ask you if you would consider selling these kinds of stuff and you could start by directing them to your professional profile over at “tminta” to avoid conflict over on Facebook.  
  • Start asking people to rate and comment on your Cakes over at “tminta”; this would drastically help you when people decide to choose one baker over another. 
  • Hand out flyers in your local shops with a poster that you do this kind of service. 


Start thinking to Apply for a VAT Number. 

  • It is a good idea to start thinking on applying for a VAT No. It is good to have everything in line and avoid getting in unnecessary trouble. It is quite easy today to get hold of one and start regulating your work.  
  • Getting hold of a VAT Number will give your clients a more sense of assurance. This would show them that you’re serious in what you’re doing.  
  • Click here to get started into applying for the VAT No. 

We will go over on how to grow even bigger in the future, however, these tips should be enough to get you started. 


Invest in your craft

There are tons of ways into getting started and really investing in your craft. You could buy cooking books, watch tutorials or even go back to school studying and refining your skill. It doesn’t mean that you aren’t good enough, it just simply means that you’re investing in yourself to become better and more qualified in what you do.  

Furthermore, it’s always a good idea to buy new appliances when needed. Invest in what makes the process easier, because this means that you could produce quality stuff quicker. Doing so will ensure that you’ll have more time at your disposal, thus meaning, that you’ll have more time into baking more cakes in the same timeframe. 

Invest in yourself, don’t be scared to take the next step. Spread your wings today! 




Live your life like there is no tomorrow. Start today and do not wait until tomorrow. We’ve got no time to be shy. No time to stay put without spreading our wings. Start today, and own your life. We surely believe in you, and it’s not for the sake of the article, it’s because we feel that if you’re searching for these kinds of stuff, you’re willing to get started. We know that some people might be oppressed or even feel lonely. Having something that is yours and being appreciated for it, is something else.  

We see this in a lot of people. Today you’ve got the chance to start something on your own, as today information and potential are even more accessible. Do not stay in someone else’s shadow and start writing your own story, a new one. 

We honestly believe in you. 

Sign-up with us today to get started in creating your profile!


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