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How does the driving licence penalty points system in Malta really work?

Driving licence penalty points in Malta – How they really work.

After taking a couple of penalty points myself, I decided to dig in, as I wondered how does it really work? and when should you start worrying? 

Driving in Malta might be a little bit hectic at times. Even though you should be 100% focused when driving, it’s really easy to lose focus, all in all, we’re only human and we’re prone to mistakes. However, mistakes in driving are sometimes really costly, it might cause an accident or even  triggering a speed camera.  

Following a change of regulation in recent times in regards to the penalty points system, a lot of people were being confused and more over misinterpret how it really works. So, how does the penalty point system in Malta really work? What should you do? And what’s the way forward? 


How does the Driving Licence penalty point system in Malta really work?


In the pascouple of years, I have accumulated a few points myself, and wondered if I’m in trouble or not. So, we’ve decided to make it simple enough so everyone would be able to understand. Following, you’ll find the main points that outline this system. 

  • You’ve got a total of 12 points 
  • If you’ve got accumulated points and paid the fine, they will be removed a year after you have paid the fine. 


  • You won’t start a fresh clean slate of 0 penalty points after a year. That simply is not true.  

Let’s say you start from 0 and got a fine with 4 penalty points in December, and you pay it on the same day. The 4 points will be omitted the year after. So, if you have accumulated some kind of points after, you better watch out because these 4 points will remain active for a year, as from the date you have paid the fine. 

It is crucial to understand this, as if you accumulate more points you’ll be in more trouble. It is 100% not true that you will start a clean slate when the year ends. That is simply not true. I believed that myself and how mistaken I was.  


So, let’s say you have accumulated a good amount of points, what should you do? And what is next for you?


If you’ve accumulated a good amount of points, you have got the chance to take a test and half the point count will be taken away. Let us say that you have accumulated 10 points, you’ll take this test and you would halve them to 5 points. So, what is this test and what does it consist of?  


Safety Awareness test


As stated, this test reduces points by 50%, however, you could take this test once every 2 years. The pass mark is 50%. Following, you will find the mock test questions provided both in English and in Maltese: 

Click HERE for Driving Licence with points 
Click HERE for Liċenzja tas-sewqan bil-punti 

This test is: 

  • 45 mins long 
  • 30 multiple choice questions. 


What happens if you lose your licence? What are the necessary steps needed to be taken?


If you accumulate 12 points or more, you would lose your licence for a period of 2 months.  

  • If the licence is revoked 2 times in the space of 3 years, the driver must sit for a fresh driving test before receiving the licence back.  
  • If it is revoked 3 times in 5 years, the driver can only sit for the test after a 1 year of not driving. 
  • increasing to a suspension of two years for those whose licence is revoked 4 times in 7 years.  


How are penalty points handed out in Malta? 


As we are not certified law enforcement agents, we will be quoting LESA for the following table. 


Contravention English  Minimum Points  Maximum Points 
Driver not stopping in case of an accident.  5  10 
Not keeping the vehicle clean and in good state of repair (worn out tyres)  2  2 
Vehicle overloaded by passengers or goods  2  2 
Driver not in possession of a requisite licence.  3  6 
As the owner of the vehicle you failed to ensure that the vehicles were at all times covered by the necessary licence  3  6 
Used a motor vehicle or left it parked on a public highway without the necessary licence  3  6 
Failed to renew the driving licence.  3  6 
Whilst driving a motor vehicle or any other vehicle, you were holding and/or using a handheld mobile telephone or any other similar handheld device  3  6 
Failed to wear seat belt whilst driving a motor vehicle not being a bus  3  3 
Driving while wearing headphones or other similar device, which hinders the hearing or is likely to hinder from hearing properly.  3  6 
Wearing or using on both ears’ earphones or headphones  3  6 
Contravening Traffic Sign (Speed Limit)  3  6 
Driving at an excessive speed over 15km/hr over the limit  4  6 
Driving at an excessive speed up to 15km/hr over the limit  3  6 
Exceeded speed limit  3  6 
Whilst driving you exceeded the speed limit in terms of regulation 127 of the MVR  3  6 
Contravening Carriageway Marking (Pedestrian Crossing)  3  5 
Contravening Traffic Sign (Pedestrian Crossing Sign)  3  5 
Not stopping or slowing at the zebra crossing.  3  5 
You drove a motor vehicle or any other vehicle, through or emerging from a red light  3  5 
Contravening Double continuous white lines  3  5 
Contravening Traffic Sign (No left turn)  3  5 
Contravening Traffic Sign (No right turn)  3  5 
Contravening Traffic Sign (No U-turn )  3  5 
Contravening Traffic Sign ( No Entry from this side )  3  3 
Overtaking a motor vehicle over a painted white line or over fixed studs around a corner or bend  3  5 
You overtook another motor vehicle proceeding in the same direction where a white line was painted, or studs fixed or around a corner or a bend  3  5 
Contravening Carriageway Marking (Stop line)  3  5 
Contravening Traffic Sign (Stop Sign)  3  5 



How to check how many driving Licence penalty points in Malta you’ve got? 


There are two ways to check for penalty points, through the following two links. One through LESA’s website and the other through Transport Malta. 


Transport Malta 

  • Click Here to go to the link  
  • A Fairly Simple procedure, just input the requested I.D. Card details and it will show you all the requested information 


  • You could call LESA and they’ll guide you through. 
  • You could use their portal; however, it is very tedious. You would need to register and you would need to sign some kind of agreement (where it never arrived).  
  • However, if you would call them, I am sure they will be much more than happy to help. The people behind the customer care department are really nice. 

TOP TIP: If you have got a solid argument that could drop down the charges, go for it. As stated, they are really understanding and lenient at times, so, do not be afraid to get your case reviewed if you think it was not fairly judged 


Conclusion – RECAP  

 Here we’ll recap all the discussed points. Should you be needing to dig any deeper, feel free to check the desired sections within the article. 

  • You’ve got a total of 12 points – it would be revoked if you reached 12 or more. 
  • The discussed points would be dropped a year after the completion of payment. 
  • There is not a reset button at the end of the year for the 12 points. 
  • Be sure to check the extent of the penalties and what do they imply. 
  • Check your total penalty points. 
  • Take the Safety Awareness test to half the points if needed. 



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