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Is teaching in Malta, one of the most desirable skills?

Is teaching in Malta, one of the most desirable skills? If so, why is it?

Teaching is not just a job but a vocation. Passing down knowledge to future generations must be a huge honour but an even bigger task. It is not just the skill that you need, but the passion to understand each individual to his potential and ambitions. All my admiration is on them, I owe all my knowledge to the teachers who thought me throughout the time.  

So, having said that, what makes this skill so desirable?  

We have broken down all of the points that back up the need for this skill. 

  • It is extremely hard to teach in a manner that everybody understands.¬†
  • Teachers¬†need a lot of time to prepare of each¬†lesson,¬†semester¬†and year.¬†
  • They set aside their ego and they teach at the students’¬†standard.¬†
  • More need for¬†private tuition.¬†
  • There are not enough teachers to educate the demand of students.¬†
  • There are more people willing to learn today rather than 20 years ago. A statistic¬†that is always steadily on the rise.¬†

We will be discussing the said points later on within this blog, but what makes a successful teacher?

  • The sharing of values.¬†
  • Once a relationship is established between the two entities, it is much easier to connect and transmit all the necessary information. A teacher is successful when this occurs, when the ego barriers are broken down to their desired levels.¬†
  • It is important to¬†receive education, but it is more important to share good values on how to become a good loving human being. Adapting to the student’s personal perspective could not only impact them¬†in¬†school, but more so¬†throughout their¬†lives.¬†
  • Establishing authority but staying humble¬†
  • It is easy to be strict and staying uptight with everyone, but you do not want that, you want to gain their respect. However, you should not be pushed around. A successful teacher is one who finds the right balance. The one who jokes around when needs be, but takes action and responsibility when it really matters. Don‚Äôt be scared to take action. Do not be scared from someone who shouts, you are in control of the situation and it is going to be alright. Take action and take a stand. I am pretty sure that styles of teaching differ from one teacher to another, but this is how we view a successful teacher.¬†
  • Establishing¬†the name as a teacher and then after as a freelancer.¬†¬†
  • If you manage to teach at a school and your students decide to come after school for private tuition, for me that is complete success.¬†¬†

Following this, how is it that, it is extremely hard to teach in a way that everybody understands?

This is quite simple to be honest. It is because everyone is different, everyone has different temperaments and different learning curves, so as a teacher you must go out of your comfort zone to teach every individual, how he/she could understand.  

This connects in a directly proportional manner to the ego factor. A teacher that cannot understand another being will find it extremely hard to connect with some of the students. For example, a teacher who adapts only for students with certain charisma’s, other students who might be slightly introverted will be pushed away.¬†¬†

This happened to me as a personal experience in secondary school. The exact same situation. However, I am glad that that experience happened because it shaped me up to who I am today. So, thank you to my Form 4 physics teacher for totally ignoring me when I needed her the most. I am really blessed for all of this. I will be honest though; it took me quite a lot of time to understand why she acted the way she acted and/or how I could have understood better. That’s why I came up with this article. She made me understand what a sort of a teacher she actually was.  

The constant rise for the need of private tuition in Malta 

Malta needs more private tuition. It seems that people do not know enough teachers who provide tuition. We want to help guide you into starting and promoting your tuition page within the link provided here. We seriously believe that there are not enough teachers around. With the rise and demand of people willing to learn, getting started or even fine-tuning their craft; more demand for private tuition rises.  

We suggest that each teacher to join in and start freelancing today!  

  • Top tips on how to start freelancing in Malta ‚Äď Click here¬†

Do not leave that precious skill to rest. Every skill is a business waiting to be flourished, so start today. Helping people into a better life through the means of education and getting paid for it, is a win-win situation. 


I believe that teachers are the true heroes. They are the foundation of our society. They educate the future generations, with lessons that inspire. This counts in our day to day life; where we could all be heroes. We could all teach each other, by being kind, sharing love and being humble.  

Just know that in life everything is going to be OK. Be kind and be humble. For myself, everyone is a teacher. I find that each encounter helps me grow into a better-self, not only for me but even within each person I encounter. As started, for me a successful teacher is one who shares true and authentic values. It is much easier to absorb information after establishing some kind of connection. 

To sum up with, it is totally justifiable that teaching is one of the most requested skills in Malta. A skill in which demand is always there, be it in school or freelancing providing tuition. As demand for education rises, demand for teachers rises proportionally. 


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