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Hiring A Photographer in Malta: 6 Things to Check Before You Find The Right One

Do you need a photographer for your next event? Or are you just looking to update your family album? Hiring the best photographer in Malta is an important decision. It’s not just about how much they charge or what their experience level is. You also want to consider how well they will work with you and your guests, as well as if they have any special skills that would be of use on the day of the shoot. Here are six things to check before hiring a photographer!

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Ask for an estimate

Don’t assume that if the photographer charged an amount to someone that same rate will apply to you. Provide details of what you need to get done. If the photographer’s rate is too high, consider getting a quote from another photographer who can do it better at lower price.

Don’t agree to pay fees if you are not sure of what these include and how much time they will require on your end before the big day arrives.

If you are paying for a photographer’s time, make sure that the photographer will be available from your wedding day until all photos have been taken. Some photographers require an additional fee if they need to return on another day because there was not enough time during the first visit or other reasons outside of their control.

If you are not sure about the photographer, check for reviews from customers; there may be some online or perhaps friends who have used them before could recommend someone reliable to hire?

What’s included in the price?

Depending on how much work you want to put into the photo shoot, there are different packages available. Some events will be more expensive than others depending on their location and photographer’s experience. The photographer may provide a list of what is included within your package before hiring them so make sure not to miss out on any details.

The photographer may ask for extra fees if the event goes beyond what was planned in terms of time and location. Be clear about how much you are willing to pay when it comes to timing, especially if your photographer is not local. If they have travel costs included within their fee structure then make sure that you understand where the additional time is going to come from.

How will the photos be provided and when?

How long will it take for the photographer to finalise the photos and give you the final copies?

The photographer may offer you a selection of photos within the given time frame, but there are some who will take longer. If you want all your photos in digital format then make sure to discuss this with your photographer before hiring them. You need to know beforehand if they can meet these requirements or else it’s not worth spending your money.

Depending on the photographer’s style, you may receive all your photos within a few days or it can take much longer. Some photographers prefer to provide you with only one set of proofs before they start editing them for final release whereas others will give you full access to their entire portfolio so that you have plenty of options in regards to what to choose. Make sure that you let your photographer know beforehand which method you prefer so there are no unpleasant surprises later on in the process.

Go through the event

Compile notes on what the event will consist of and create a shot list with photographer. Make sure to go through the event with your photographer beforehand so they know exactly what is going on and how you want things done. They will also have an idea of where it’s best to take each photo from within the location, if that’s important for some reason or another. If there are any specific shots that you want to get then let the photographer know beforehand so they can be prepared when it comes time for them to take pictures.

This will save everyone a lot of headache later on if there are any issues with your photographer being able to do their job properly due to lack of information at hand.


To finalise and make remembering this article easy, take a look at the below list of questions to ask photographer when hiring them.

  • Can they shoot at your desired location?
  • List what kind of equipment they have and if it’s in good condition.
  • Availability
  • Experience and references/who they have worked with before as a photographer.
  • Quality of equipment used
  • Price range for their services
  • What’s included in the price of their service?
  • Do you provide digital copies or prints only?
  • Will payment be required up front before services are rendered, or after?
  • What kind of editing will you do and how long before I receive photos from the photographer?
  • How complex is your pricing structure, including any extra fees that may apply if time limits are exceeded or travel costs added to the job.

Make sure that they can shoot at your desired location or you may need to hire two photographers.

When hiring a photographer, it’s important to keep in mind that they are only human and you may experience some issues along the way. If there is anything wrong with their service then tell them right away so that they have time to fix whatever issue arises.

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