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How to Throw a Boat Party in Malta

Planning a boat party is not as easy as it seems. There are so many factors to consider, from the location of the event to how you will entertain your guests on board. In this guide, we will go over everything that you need to know before hosting a boat party in Malta!

On an island like Malta, popular for parties and weddings, there are many possibilities and options. Just a little bit of research and allotting time to think about your perfect arrangement is enough.

Which Is The Best Boat For You?

The preparation initiates with booking a boat. You might be wondering which is the best boat for you?

The very first factor to consider is the number of people attending your boat party in Malta. You must figure the numbers and then only specify your booking. There are several types of boats classified according to the number of people that can ride on.

For 2-10 Guests

If you are looking for a boat for 2-10 guests, then using a speed boat is the best option. However, the actual capacity of the boat depends upon the model and manufacturer. But, almost all sports boats have enough space to hold 2-10 persons. So, booking a spots boat is our absolute recommendation for having a boat party in Malta for 2-10 guests.

For More Than 10 Guests

If you are organizing a boat party in Malta for more than 10 persons, you will need to hire a boat with the capacity of accommodating everyone comfortably. In this case, you should have at least five or six life jackets available for your guests as well as enough food and drinks so that nobody gets hungry or thirsty throughout the boat party in Malta .

– Remember not to leave any trash behind! We recommend recycling all empty drink

How To Hire A Boat In Malta?

Hiring a boat on an island that is popular for celebrations isn’t difficult. There are a bunch of options accessible to decide from. Here are some of them:

  • In case you¬†are¬†already in Malta,¬†you can¬†request¬†your hotel¬†faculty¬†to¬†organize¬†stuff for you. They are already¬†specialists¬†in¬†regulating¬†these¬†types¬†of things and¬†normally, many¬†inns¬†have a tie-up with boat owners.
  • You can also¬†find social media accounts of¬†boat renters and can contact them for booking. Moreover, you can also email them If they aren‚Äôt replying¬†to¬†social media¬†texts. Using social media has¬†its¬†own advantage¬†too,¬†you can¬†see pictures of¬†the¬†boat you are booking¬†and then¬†organise¬†the¬†boat¬†party in Malta.
  • You can also directly¬†go to the¬†website of any boat renters that you know.¬†Use the internet to find websites and then signup.¬†This way you can also read reviews and then can select according to your preferences.
  • Or if¬†you don‚Äôt want to do any of these, the last option you have is to ask a trip advisor, he will get everything ready¬†for you. This method can be a little costly but¬†you can enjoy your¬†boat party in Malta¬†with negligible efforts.

Food And Bar

Food and drinks are another major concern if you are hosting a boat party in Malta. In some cases, food is included with the booking. But in others, you always have the option of bringing your own food and drinks on the board.

For 2-10 People

If you are a group of 2-10 persons, it would be best to take your own food and drinks. You can also ask your friends and guests to bring some food along. You can also grill on the boat if you have the choice. Have a conversation with the driver beforehand regarding the food and drinks.

For More Than 10 Persons

In case you are having a bigger party on a yacht, the best option is to organise the food on the boat itself. While booking the boat, also make sure to book the food earlier. Having a bar is also a great option as bringing your own alcohol can be expensive and also, it would be difficult to carry such large amounts.

Just make all the arrangements early in order to enjoy your best boat party in Malta. As said earlier, barbeque is available in most of the boats and it would be great to do it along with other guests.

Activities On A Boat Party

The main purpose of having a boat party in Malta is to enjoy and relax. Moreover, renting music is great for enjoying and spending quality time with friends. Here are some fun activities to perform while you are at a boat party in Malta:

  • If you¬†enjoy camping, there is a fun activity related to camping that you can perform on a boat. Having a sleepover under the stars is a pleasant way of relaxing and having a good time with friends.¬†You can bring your¬†own¬†sleeping bags and can unfold them during the night. Along with that, it will give you a unique experience of sleeping¬†in¬†a¬†boat¬†in Malta!
  • You are already in the water,¬†so¬†fishing is one of the best activities to¬†do, and with friends it is even more fun. You can bring¬†your own¬†fishing rods and enjoy¬†the activity¬†while being¬†surrounded by water in all directions.
  • You can also arrange small games that you can¬†play¬†with¬†your guests. There are plenty of games¬†that are popularly played on a¬†boat party in Malta¬†such as¬† boat races, boat polo and boat limbo.
  • ¬† You should make sure to have an appropriate music playlist prepared for the event so that everyone can sing and dance.
  • You can also ask for the tow toys from the owner.¬†They are the fun part of every¬†boat party in Malta.¬†Two toys are also lived by people that like to explore different activities. These are unique and¬†do not require any particular skill.

Safety Precautions

When organising a boat party in Malta, you have to keep in mind that you will be at sea, so it’s imperative that you think about health and safety. Below are some things that you have to think about before going on your party:

  • Check boat rental reviews online. Sometimes what the boat rental company offers you differs than the actual product, at sea you can not just walk away to another boat. You’re stuck with what you get.
  • Bring food and drinks you trust, no seafood or chicken. (You may not have access to a toilet on the boat).
  • Make sure boat has life jackets for all guests & crew
  • Never leave the boat unattended or let more people than recommended aboard.
  • Arrange for an emergency boat if the amount of people exceeds 15 persons.
  • Ensure cell service is available in area you are renting boat/nearby areas.
  • Be aware of boat’s size, it should be appropriate for the number of guests you are inviting.
  • No smoking on boat unless permitted by boat owner/company. Be careful with your cigarettes falling into water!
  • Ensure boat has shower and safe drinking water before boarding (ask boat rental company).


A boat party is a great option for those who want to spend time with friends and family members. Malta boat parties are usually organized during summertime as the weather becomes fine, enabling you to enjoy on water activities.

If you’re looking forward to throw a boat party in Malta then make sure that all arrangements have been made beforehand so that everyone can have a great time.


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