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How to Successfully Grow Your Construction Business in Malta

The construction industry is one of the most competitive industries in Malta. To ensure that your construction company stays afloat, you need to start thinking about how to grow your construction business. Given that you will most definitely be too busy performing your work to think about the marketing side of your business, we’ve come up with some ideas on how you can get more attraction, what type of content should you post and where to find potential customers.

Let your work do the talking

People hire you based on how well you can perform the tasks they need, for a reasonable price. Before hiring you, a potential customer would want to see previous works that you’ve done to make sure you’re a right fit. Sharing this work on your website, social media pages and other platforms such as is essential.

You can show people that you’re capable of doing construction jobs, by sharing testimonials from previous clients. Showing off past projects is a great way to get new customers interested in your construction business.

If you don’t have any completed projects yet (start-up construction companies), then there are still other ways to show potential customers that you’re capable of doing the job they need, for an affordable price. If you have employees working for you, share their previous expertise. This will show potential customers that you have an experienced construction team, who can perform well.

Create pre-priced combinations.

Construction projects may be intimidating. Make it easier for your potential customers by providing pre-priced combinations, and you’ll increase the likelihood that they accept an otherwise intimidating task. Instead of quoting customers per-hour or per-job costs, offer package deals for popular undertakings such as construction and demolition or home renovation.

This will help your customers by making construction projects seem less daunting than they would if you offered an hourly rate that feels like a large sum of money just for the first consultation. The more affordable these packages are, the better chance you have at gaining new business from potential clients who were too scared to speak with construction companies before.

When you offer these packages, be sure that your customers know what they’re getting into and how much it will cost them in the long run. For example, construction and demolition prices may seem affordable at first but if a customer decides not to go through with their construction project after signing on for this package deal, they will have to pay for work done, a cancellation fee, plus any other expenses incurred.

You can also offer ‘no obligation’ packages where you give your customers a rough estimate on what their construction project should cost them without actually having to sign anything. This way, if they decide not to go through with their construction project after speaking with you, then they won’t be out any money.

Word-of-mouth and Referrals

With so many construction firms preying for position in every market, word-of-mouth advertising is an important tool. Obtaining word-of-mouth can be very difficult. To counteract this, use a referral program to entice past customers to recommend your services to new people. Every time a customer refers you or gives you a testimonial, offer them an incentive, which you can make up yourself.

This will both increase the likelihood of word-of-mouth advertising, and also gain your construction business free advertisement from clients who are willing to do a little work on their own time in order to get what they want (a discounted service).

It’s important not to underestimate testimonials, as this is one of the most effective and cheapest ways to advertise construction services.

Start Small

One way you can show potential customers that your construction business is capable of doing what they need, at an affordable price – is by hiring them for small contracts before offering big projects like construction or demolition jobs. If you’re able to complete these smaller tasks with ease, then you’ll increase the likelihood that your customers will trust you with construction projects.

As mentioned before, construction can be intimidating for some people and they may not want to take on larger construction jobs without seeing what you’re capable of first. Hiring out construction related tasks is an effective way to get past this barrier, while also getting a little bit of profit for your construction business.

Show that you know

Give potential clients a reason to follow you, help them stay up to date with what is going on in the construction sector through your company’s posts. We recommend using infographics as they will help you to stay ahead of the construction curve. Inform people of any change in construction laws, any new construction technology that you’ve invested in or want to invest in.


Don’t focus all of your efforts on chasing customers. Spend some time meeting other professionals in the construction industry as well. You may want to meet with architects, real-estate agents and other professionals which may refer their clients to you.

This can help you stay up to date with construction, and also provide you with an opportunity for free advertising from these professionals who know their clients well enough that if they refer them to your services – there is a higher chance that those customers will accept.

Where to promote your construction business

Social Media:

Around over 75% of Malta’s population use social media. This alone shows that using social platforms is a no-brainer for your freelance business in Malta. Instagram and Facebook are a great medium to gain exposure and convey your messages.

If your targeted audience is made up of businesses, the LinkedIn is an extremely great place to connect in a corporate environment. With over 700 million members, the chances of finding your clients on LinkedIn is pretty high. And LinkedIn can be better for getting new clients than other social platforms, particularly because it’s focused almost entirely on business relationships.


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Advertising construction services might seem like a daunting task, but it’s actually very easy if you take the steps outlined in this blog post. If you are looking to do construction work of any kind on Malta, then make sure that your construction business is easily found by potential clients who are searching for construction related businesses online.

If you want more information on how we help self-employed and freelancers in Malta get discovered by more potential customers, contact us today!


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