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How to Grow Your Freelance Business in Malta: Tips, Tricks and Strategies

This article is a freelance business guide for those who are looking to grow their freelance career in Malta. It covers tips, tricks and strategies that will help you succeed as a freelance professional in the Maltese market. The article also includes some information on how to find freelance jobs online and landing your first client.

Social Media is a no brainer

Around over 75% of Malta’s population use social media. This alone shows that using social platforms is a no-brainer for your freelance business in Malta. Instagram and Facebook  are a great medium to gain exposure and convey your messages.

If your targeted audience is made up of businesses, the LinkedIn  is an extremely great place to connect in a corporate environment. With over 700 million members, the chances of finding your clients on LinkedIn is pretty high. And LinkedIn can be better for getting new clients than other social platforms, particularly because it’s focused almost entirely on business relationships.

Get in touch with your clients, wherever they are

The first question you must answer is, where are your clients? And we do not only mean online, but also away from their phones. Once you figure that out, do your best to place yourself where it matters. Get conversations going, help wherever you can and build relationships. Word-of-mouth is still a huge way to grow your freelance business in Malta even in this digital day and age.

Find Facebook groups or LinkedIn Groups where people of interest see what you post and get conversations going.

From there, add value where you can, and you’ll start to stand out to potential clients, which becomes an extremely natural way to promote your freelance business.

With co-vid slowly becoming something we can easily deal with, you can also start looking towards industry events. Here you can get face to face contact with potential customers and you’ll have a high chance of getting clients. Present your freelance business well and clearly and shine your light!

List your freelance business on Tminta 

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Collaborate with other freelancers

Reaching two audiences is better than one, work with other freelancers in your network that might be struggling with the same issues. Also, you’ll never know who might turn out to be your next freelance business partner or client!

The freelance industry is all about working together as a team. So go ahead and collaborate with others by offering your services for them in return of help if needed.

Find freelancers that offer similar services but to a different target audience, when you have a client that’s not quite the right fit for you, recommend them instead. They’ll reciprocate.

Or you can find a freelancer that offers a different service to yours to the same audience and you can refer to each other. For example if you’re a web designer and you have been approached by a client building a new website, you can refer them also to your content writer friend to write blogs for their website.

Give prospective clients a taste

Persuade prospective clients by showing what you can do. Offer them a sample, or a first free consultation, if you’re a content writer show some of your work. Give them some free tips and show how you can make their situation better. It might seem like an unnecessary cost, but these things do go a long way.

Also, try creating something that you can offer to potential clients in exchange for their phone number or email address.

We’re not talking about a branded notebook or a pen; but something truly valuable like a YouTube channel or a course that teaches your potential client how to do what service you offer for them. Some people will decide to learn it and do it themselves, but others will hire you when they learn how complicated the task really is.

Referral fees

As we mentioned before, word-of-mouth marketing is still one of the most common ways for freelancers in Malta to get new clients. So you stand to benefit greatly by investing in a referral scheme.

Ask your clients if they know anyone who might require your services. You might also choose to offer “finder’s fees” to anyone who helps you promote your freelance business by sending you new clients. For example; “for every new client, I give you 10eu or 30% of the first sale”.

This is a great way to generate extra income and it’s also beneficial for your clients. They get money back in exchange of doing what they do best, which is promoting you! It’s mutually beneficial so not only will this scheme help grow your freelance business but also increase the likelihood that people refer you more often because everyone wins.

Don’t be afraid to try new things, create your own referral scheme and see if it works for you! You can always come up with a way of revising or changing it as you go along. Just make sure that every time someone sends you a client through this process, they receive something in return; whether its money

How will you promote your freelance business in Malta?

We hope that this article has managed to spark some new and innovative ideas for you to expand your reach. It’s not easy to get clients, but if you play your cards right, it will definitely pay off! Let us know what worked for you or what we missed out on by commenting below.

We hope you’ll continue to use Tminta  as your platform for freelance growth and earning more money! Happy freelancing, Maltese friends!

Don’t be afraid to try and fail. Failures are part of success, not the opposite.


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