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Setting up as an Handyman in Malta: Everything You Need to Know

Are you someone who is interested in becoming self employed? Handyman jobs are on the rise, and it’s no wonder. Handymen offer a wide variety of services that include fixing furniture, assembling new furniture, plumbing repairs and more! Handyman work can be quite lucrative because there is always something that needs to be fixed or assembled. If you’re considering setting up as an handyman in Malta then this blog post will cover everything you need to know including qualifications, tools, skills & more.

So what does a handyman do?

Have you ever fixed your own flat tire or changed the oil in your car? Handyman jobs are similar to these types of tasks, so if you have experience with certain DIY projects then it is a good indicator that this line of work might be for you. Handyman services can include anything from assembling new furniture and fixing appliances to installing window blinds and laying flooring. Handymen can even do cosmetic repairs like fixing cracked tiles, painting walls or installing shelves! Handyman work is extremely versatile because there are so many different services that people will need done throughout their home.

Handymen are also expected to be quite physically fit as they will often need to climb ladders or carry heavy objects, so it is important that Handyman keep their fitness level up in order to complete Handyman jobs efficiently.

Let’s not forget the soft skills needed to handle your handyman business, skills that will help you gain new customers, and retain the existing ones.

As a handyman you are not an employee, you have to be business savvy and understand that your service is a business that needs to make money. You will need good communication skills because you will often work with homeowners directly, so it’s important to provide quality customer service.

You must also have great time management skills in order to juggle handyman jobs because many of them will be done at the same time. Handymen might have a lot on their plate, but that is what adds to the job satisfaction when you complete all your tasks and service your customers well!

Handymen work hard, but they also have the chance to build a business from home without needing too much startup capital. Handyman can often start with little or no money and slowly grow their clientele as Handyman establish themselves within the community.

What qualifications do you need to become a handyman?

Handyman services are not particularly difficult to perform so you don’t need any specific qualifications or experience, but having some knowledge in the industry will help because it plays into how your customers rate you as well as what tools and equipment you have access to.

If you’re setting up as an Handyman then obtaining certification is the best way to show that you are qualified. Since you will be asked to carry out electrical jobs, you will surely need an electrical certification. The electrical certifications required to carry out these tasks are the following;

  • Basic Electrical Installation – The entry level certification
  • Electrical Installations 1 : leading to Authorisation A – The certification of Single Phase Electrical Installation.
  • Electrical Installations 2 : leading to Authorisation B – The Certification of Single Phase Electrical Installations and Three Phase Electrical Installations rated up to 300 Amps per Phase.

It’s very important to become a licenced electrician if you want to carry out electrical tasks as this would ensure you’ve got all the necessary knowledge & expertise, with a certificate to prove it. Electrical jobs can be very dangerous, and not having the right training can be deadly!

It’s also important to consider Handyman insurance, especially if you’re carrying out electrical jobs. Handyman insurance is very affordable and will cover your tools against theft or damage while they are in transit. It’ll also protect the Handyman business owner should any damages occur at a customer’s home during work. Handyman insurance policies will also pay for any medical treatment if you are injured on the jobsite, and they’ll even cover lost income if Handyperson is unable to work due to injury.

Staying competitive in the handyman industry

Handyman work can be extremely lucrative, but it’s important that you stay competitive in the industry. Handymen are expected to grow by 26% between 2016-2026 which means there will be more self employed handyman companies who are looking for skilled individuals like yourself! Handyman jobs tend to pay around €12 per hour so if you’re self employed then you can expect to make around €24,000 per year.

This sector is quite a competitive one, and if you have limited capital, you might find it hard to compete with larger Handyman companies. However, there are still plenty of opportunities for the handymen who have smaller budgets or wish to start their own business.

One way of getting ahead of your competition is by offering a better service at a lower price, which can be done by offering warranties on all of your Handyman work. Handymen who provide their customers with a warranty for the Handyman job they have done, tend to get repeat business and referrals because people know that there is someone reliable whom they can go back to if anything goes wrong in the future.

Promoting your handyman services in Malta

As a handyman, you would want to focus on handyman jobs while still marketing your services. This is why using our platform is a no-brainer as it will save them time and money. Tminta is a quick and easy solution to publicize your handyman services in Malta. Our platform links potential consumers with our vast network of freelancers and self-employed individuals in Malta, such as yourself. Tminta has already helped Handymen in Malta to take their Handyman business to the next level, so you know that our platform works.

Tminta is a great way for self employed Handymen to find work because it allows customers from all over Malta to find your services and contact you directly for more information or Handyman jobs. We also help

Here’s how it works:

– You set up a profile and upload all relevant information about your construction services. Including photos of your work and a detailed description of what type of services you offer helps your profile become more trustworthy.

– Potential Clients in need of a construction professional find you directly on our platform.

We also have fantastic customer support so if you have any questions or concerns then feel free to get in touch with us. We’re always happy to help handyman freelancers and we will do everything we can to ensure that your handyman business is a success!


Handyman work is a fantastic opportunity for Handymen to start their own business, but it’s important that Handypersons have the right qualifications and insurance.

Check out this blog if you want to learn more about becoming self-employed in Malta.

If you’re looking for your next Handyman job in Malta then be sure to check out Tminta! We will help Handymen like yourself reach their potential.


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