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The Complete Guide for Growing as Tile Layer in Malta

Being a tile layer in Malta is an awesome business. There are many benefits to being self-employed, and tile laying provides the opportunity for you to be your own boss. But it’s not as easy as just signing up – there is a lot of work that needs to be done before any tile can go down! In this article, we will explore some of the marketing efforts that you should do in order to grow your tile laying business.

##Starting out as a tile layer in Malta

If you’re just getting started with minimal experience, why not start working for your close relatives and friends? This will not only provide you with experience, but it will also help you develop a reputation. This is fantastic idea since it gives the perception that others are already ready to hire you, giving your firm a foundation on which to grow.

From there on, your job is showcase the work you’ve done as a tile layer in Malta and gain exposure. Your first challenge as a new comer will be to get your name and face around, the obvious first thing that you should do is establish a presence online. Social media is used by over 75% of Malta’s population. This alone is proof that using social networks for your freelance business in Malta is a no-brainer. Instagram and Facebook are a great medium to gain exposure and convey your messages to your audience.

Create content that helps, entertains or educates your audience. This will help you establish a certain level of authority in tile laying, making it easier to sell yourself and attract the attention of potential clients. This includes How-To videos, tile installation guides, blog posts and infographics.


Spending your time and money on solely acquiring clients and prospects for your business is not enough. Make sure to meet other tile layers in Malta, as well as real-estate brokers, apartment block managers, and contractors, to not only establish a new support system but also obtain more possibilities with prospective consumers. Also, try to get in touch with tile dressers and tile showrooms. When you have a good rapport with them, they could refer clients from time-to-time who need tile laying services.

Joining Facebook pages, LinkedIn groups, or any other kind of online forum that is relevant to your field and becoming a member can be another way to discover leads. You can also learn a lot from these groups as customers will post things that you didn’t know they wanted, and other tile layers will post problems that you haven’t faced yet. Other people can help you stay ahead of the game.

If you are active in these groups, people will be able to learn what type of work you do, how long you’ve been in business, and what you provide as well.

##Promote your business where it counts.

Promote your services not only on social media, but also on Tminta which is a platform tailored to help self-employed just like yourself get discovered by clients in seconds. All you have to do is register and include details about the services that you offer from here.

The tile layer industry in Malta is highly competitive; therefore, it’s important that you stay on top of the latest marketing strategies and techniques within this sector. If someone wants a tile layer service, they’re most likely to use the search engine and look for tile layers in their area. Tminta can help you rank high in the Google results so that people will find you outside of our platform as well.


This includes marketing materials such as business cards, brochures and flyers that will help potential clients learn more about tile laying services in Malta. Keep some in your pocket and give them out to new clients; make sure you leave a few business cards for them to pass along. Leave copies in your local shops, especially hardware stores where a lot of construction workers attend.

You can also go a step further and print stickers to stick on your car/van – tile layers should always be looking for ways to get their name around. This is a literal advertisement that follows you everywhere you go. If you’re using your van, put a sign on the side that promotes your services. People will become aware of it, thus it’s another fantastic approach to gain new clients!

##Ask for reviews online

Take advantage of any new or existing clients by asking them to leave a review on your social media pages or your Tminta profile. This is an excellent method to grow your business and market it more effectively.

If they’re not happy with a tile laying job, politely ask them what the problem is and try to rectify it. If you can’t, then it might be a sign you need to transition from tile laying. If they are happy with the tile-laying service they received, make sure to encourage referrals. Reviews do not always have to be positive, but they should at least describe their experiences with you. It’s also good if it contains suggestions of how you can improve your tile-laying service as well as what you did well.

Most people want to know that they’re dealing with a reputable tile layer. If you have excellent evaluations, it means your current clients are satisfied as well! You should always try asking for positive or negative reviews, it’s important to know what you’re doing wrong or right. If you get good reviews, then it means your current customers are happy.

Make sure to share those reviews and let your work do the talking for you.


If you’re a tile layer and need to expand your customer base, Tminta is the platform for you. It doesn’t matter where you are in Malta; we can help grow your tile laying business. Register now

If you have any further questions about this article or how to advertise on our website, contact us!


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