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Nightlife in Malta: What to Expect

Every night is a night out in Malta, and there is always something going on that you can enjoy. There are many nightlife options to choose from – clubs, pubs, bars and more. You just need to know where to go for your specific needs and what you want out of the night: fun times with friends or a romantic evening with someone special?

Malta nightlife has a very international feel to it. There are many different types of night clubs and bars that play all kinds of music as well as live shows, so you can always find something entertaining for yourself depending on your tastes. The night life in Malta is especially popular among the youth here who want to relax after their day of work and school.

Malta nightlife is very active during the summer months, when lots of tourists come to visit. You can find bars along pretty much every street in Malta’s cities open late into the night with music for everyone who wants to relax after a long day of beach activities or exploring historical sites around this Mediterranean island nation.

For those who have never been here before, we hope this article will help so they can get an idea of what to expect when it comes to nightlife in Malta.

Clubs, Bars and Parties

Malta is well known for its nightlife scene. It has some very high profile night spots that are often visited by international celebrities during the night season, which is from May to October. The most famous of these clubs are found in Paceville, a nightlife area in St. Julian’s where most of the night clubs are located and numerous pubs all around Malta that offer live music performances every night.

The legal age for drinking in Malta is 17 years old, and the nightlife is especially popular with people between 18 and 25 years old.

There are other clubs such as Gianpula, Numero Uno and Cafe del Mar that are located right on the beach or at some scenic location. These night clubs have a capacity to host thousands of people and they usually charge entrance fees that range from €5-€30 depending on where you want to go and which night club you choose to visit.

The prices for drinks tend not to be as expensive as in other countries, but they can add up if you drink a lot – especially when ordering cocktails. The summer season is the best time to visit any one of these nightlife spots, but most places are open all year long and host events every night.

In terms of bars, you can find numerous options throughout the island. There are also theme bars such as Irish pubs, sports bars and night clubs which often have live music performances to enjoy during your night out with friends or family members. Variety is something that you will not lack in terms of nightlife activities here on the islands – there’s always a place for everyone!

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Nightlife in Malta for Romantics

While several other destinations have dominated the idea of a picture-perfect duo vacation, Malta has recently stepped up the ladder with its stunning layout, romantic spots, entertainment options and hotels. The nightlife for couples in Malta, comes packed with live music, candle-light dinners, sunset cruise, stargazing on the beach and what not!

If you are looking for something more romantic nightlife in Malta, then visiting some of the beautiful cities and towns during the night is a great idea. Mdina and Valletta are two of the most romantic nightlife spots in Malta, where you can enjoy a walk down cobbled streets and admire beautiful architecture. Go for dinner at one of the many high end restaurants found here if you are on a date night!

Not only that, but there are numerous wineries where you can spend an evening with your loved one or friends while enjoying wine tasting sessions accompanied by live music performances! If this does not sound like your thing, you can also visit the night markets where there are numerous stalls offering local dishes and hand made products.

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Nightlife in Malta for Families

If you are traveling with children, night clubs might not be the best choice of night out because they tend to attract an older crowd which is mainly interested in drinking alcohol. If your kids have never seen a live band performance before then visiting one of the many night clubs in Malta might not be the best night out for them.

Family friendly nightlife venues are often found at open air cafes and restaurants where you can sit down, relax and enjoy live music performances while enjoying some refreshments with your children or grandchildren. There’s nothing like spending quality time together!

However, if nightlife for families is what you are after and your kids have reached the legal drinking age in Malta (17 years), then visiting bars and night clubs with live music performances might be a great idea.

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For the adventurous

For those that like to experience a more adventurous life, you can also consider night diving. The Mediterranean Sea is calm and safe for night divers who want to experience the amazing sea life found under water during night time hours. If night diving is not something that you have ever thought of doing, then this could be the perfect opportunity for you!

Another fun thing to do is going on night tours of Mdina and Valletta. There are different types of night tours that take place from time to time and can prove to be a great idea if you have never visited these cities before. Malta is packed with nightlife activities which cater for everyone, so go out there and enjoy!

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Whether you are looking for nightlife in Malta or nightlife options, there is something out there for everyone!


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